3 Reasons to Take a Vacation (and not feel guilty about it)

Do you feel overworked? Overwhelmed? Maybe even a little like you’re in need a major vacation. Well, if you are an American worker, you are not alone. The Center for Economic and Policy Research estimates that 25% of Americans don’t take a vacation anymore, and that number jumps up to 31% if you work a minimum or low wage job. If you’re like a lot of people, not taking a vacation may not have much to do with your amount of vacation time, but with the fact that you feel guilty taking any time off of work unless it’s for an emergency.

Maybe you’re in the middle of a huge project, or maybe you don’t feel “comfortable” taking some time off. Either way, it’s time to get out of that mindset and enjoy a much-deserved vacation! There are houses for rent in Charleston, SC and beach bungalows at Summerville that are calling your name. If you’re feeling guilty about taking time off, you won’t after you read this.

Happy workers are more productive

If you’re already feeling a bit down in the dumps over problems at work, we don’t need to tell you how much a bad mood can ruin your day. Different studies have shown how vacations can benefit individuals, and those effects can have trickle down benefits for your company. Imagine starting your average work week on a Monday after a normal weekend. Now imagine starting your week after you’ve had a three day weekend relaxing with your friends and family. Happy workers have a brighter outlook on the day, are often more productive, and can even have an easier time thinking of fresh ideas to benefit the company.

Vacations help relationships

Do you feel like you and your significant other aren’t communicating as well as you used to? Can you not remember the last time you and your kids sat down and just had time to talk? You aren’t the only one that’s feeling stressed from your daily work load, your spouse and kids can feel just as burned out as you do by their daily routine. Some time off from work or school can help you reconnect with the people that mean the most to you in life.

Vacations are good for your health

Remember when we were talking about how a vacation can leave you feeling refreshed and ready for work? There’s something about vacations that can have a transformative affect on people, and some believe that the reasons may be medical. A study on people who are at high risk for coronary heart disease found that men that failed to take annual vacations were 32% more likely to have a fatal heart attack. Stress is no joke health-wise, and a buildup of it could lead to a variety of stress-related health problems.

Four Reasons Why You Should Take a Vacation as Soon as Possible

Are you looking to start 2016 off feeling your best, performing better at the office, and improving your family life? If so, take a vacation. No seriously. The holiday season can be a festive time, but it can also be a stressful one as well.  Think of all the things you have to do this time of year. You have to worry about finding gifts in overcrowded malls and stores, deal with inclement weather if you live in areas prone to that, deal with daily stressors at work and at home, and interact with your extended family.

Over the course of the six week season, it makes sense that you might leave it a little more stressed than you were when you entered it. Plus, we can’t rule out other facets of health either. During the holiday season, many of us will throw caution to the wind when it comes to food and drink in the name of merriment. By the time January 1st hits, you might find that your clothing quite doesn’t fit as well as it did over the summer. 

Taking a vacation now can help you offset some of the negative aspects of the holiday season and allow you to start the New Year off right. Need some more motivation? Here are several reasons why you should take a vacation as soon as possible:

You May Lose Them at the End of the Year

Are you the type who likes to save their days until the end of the year. More companies are adopting a “use them or lose them” policy. Therefore, it might be a risk to save your vacation days until later in the year. A new project could come up or there may be a round of layoffs that eliminates your ability to take off.

You’ll Be More Productive at Work

Taking a week off from work may seem like the opposite of being productive, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  According to a survey conducted by Expedia in 2012, 34% of professionals came back from the holidays feeling refreshed and more able to work. Think about it. If you’re relaxed and rested, wouldn’t you able to work more efficiently?

You Will Live Longer

Studies have indicated that people who vacation more live on average 20% more than those who are chained to their desks. Let’s say you spend a week in one of the many great Isle of Palms vacation rentals in South Carolina. Wouldn’t you want to live longer just so you could come back? In all seriousness, vacationing improves stress levels and reduces inflammation, which is responsible for a host of different chronic conditions.

You Will Have a Memory You and Your Family Can Enjoy

If your household is like most households in America, you probably spend too little time together and that time is spent looking down at your mobile devices. Vacations allow families to reconnect and provide a memory that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. If you want to make an investment in improving your family life, a vacation may provide to pay excellent dividends. 

5 Great Activities to Check Out on Your Isle of Palms Vacation

If you are already planning your summer vacation, you’re smart! A lot of people book their rentals anywhere from three to six months ahead of time, or even longer, depending on the location – and Isle of Palms, SC is a popular place for vacation rentals. There are many reasons that so many people come here, from the proximity to Charleston to the beautiful beaches. Here are some of our personal favorite activities to check out on Isle of Palms during the summer:

Isle of Palms County Park

What summer vacation at the beach would be complete without a trip to the beach? Isle of Palms County Park is one of the best places to catch some rays, look for shells or go swimming, but it also has a lot of other advantages. The park has year-round amenities including a boardwalk, changing area, restrooms, a sand volleyball court, a playground, and a picnic area. Along with all of these, the park offers seasonal lifeguards, beach rentals, outdoor showers, shopping, and food and drinks.


Wild Dunes Resort offers two impressive courses designed by Tom Fazio, the reputed and award-winning golf course architect. The Links course has the distinction of being Fazio’s first solo course design, and has just been renovated to include new greens and cart paths, as well as some changes to individual holes. The Harbor course features some of the most spectacular use of water in the golf world, and weaves between backwater, ponds, and the Intracoastal highway. The resort also has a practice area for those who need to get back into the game.

Capers Island

Capers Island is an uninhabited barrier island located just north of Isle of Palms and Dewees Island. It is accessible only by boat, but don’t let that stop you! There are several different ways to reach the island, the most common of which is to take a boat tour. You can also kayak over and, if you’re adventurous, camp overnight (with a permit).

This island is known for its starkly beautiful Boneyard Beach, so named for the bleached dead tree stumps, trunks, and limbs lining the water. On top of that, there is a ton of unspoiled wildlife to experience here, including palms and salt marshes, raccoons, deer, and dolphins, ospreys, eagles, egrets, herons and pelicans, alligators, and tons of different varieties of fish and crabs.

Charleston Shopping

If you are more of an indoorsy type, heading to nearby Charleston to check out the shopping scene might be more your thing. There are a number of malls and outlets in the area, in general, but if you are looking for the best, most unique selection of haute couture, antiques, and fine dining, King Street is the place to be! This is one of the most famous shopping destinations in the city, and offers notable stores such as the following:

  • George C. Birlant & Company, an antiques store with a reputation for the highest quality furniture, silver, and ceramics since it was founded in the 1920s.
  • While in the neighborhood, check out Blue Bicycle Books, a used book store with over 50,000 titles and a particularly good collection of books about Charleston.
  • Head to the Finicky Filly and House of Sage for youthful, stylish clothes, or check out Anne’s for timelessly elegant clothing designs.
  • Copper Penny will be your next stop, as you look for a pair (or pairs) of shoes to go with your new outfits.
  • Don’t forget to hit up some of the art galleries like Corrigan or Sylvan Gallery on your way through the area!

If you aren’t shopped out after King Street, make sure to stop by the Charleston City Market, which features a variety of local artists and their crafts. It’s one of the major cultural stops that proves that you’ve actually been to Charleston! 

Special Events

One of the great things about Isle of Palms is that there is always something going on! There are tons of local cultural events happening here, in Charleston, and in other adjacent areas. If you come off-season in February, the island participates in the Lowcountry Blues Festival, an event that is held in many different locations in the close vicinity of Charleston. In June, there is a sandsculpting contest, and in July we hold a 5k beach run and fireworks for Independence Day. In October, there is a Connector Walk/Run, which benefits a local child abuse prevention charity, as well as other charities for children. If you are looking for local live music, check out the Windjammer, a beach club featuring a steady stream of musical acts in a variety of different styles.

If you haven’t secured a vacation rental on Isle of Palms for the summer yet, start looking now! Carolina One offers beautiful, convenient, and comfortable rental properties for your vacation, so check out our listings or call us at (843) 202-2000 for more information today!

Five Tips for Finding an Affordable Vacation Rental

If you live anywhere in the Northeast for Mid-Atlantic, you are probably still digging yourself out of snow right now. These areas were hit hard by Jonas, and the snowstorm triggered heavy snowfall, high winds, and heavy flooding in some shore towns. Some areas got as much as 30 inches of snow. If you have tired of Old Man Winter’s antics and are ready for summer, it is never too early to get started looking for a summer rental. There are many places to check out, but we are partial to Isle of Palms SC vacation rentals as they offer beautiful Southern architecture, pristine beaches, and a whole lot of Southern charm as well. Here are a few tips to help you find an affordable vacation rental. 

Book Early

Most vacation homes see spots filled up well before Memorial Day – in fact, it is not out of the question to see coveted times of summer booked months in advance. Therefore, if you have a specific time in mind for when you want to visit Isle of Palms, begin as early as possible. At the same time, if you have more wiggle room, it might be advantageous to book early as well as you might get a better deal. Some rental owners and their agents would prefer to get a spot filled than play the waiting game. This could mean that they’re more willing to settle at a lower price.

Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate

It never hurts to negotiate. In many cases the owner or agent will have a number in mind that they’re willing to go down to if needed, but you should be prepared to walk or pay the asking price as some aren’t willing to budge. Still, if you can save money doing so, it can’t hurt to try.

Book a Vacation Rental outside of Town or off the Beach

There’s no question that beachfront property has its perks, but it comes at a price. If you don’t need to have a place on the beach or right downtown and are just looking for a place to relax, you might be able to save a significant amount of money booking a vacation rental in a less sought after location.

Choose a Less Popular Week and Earn Extra Perks

Isle of Palms is a beautiful place to visit all-year round. If you’re willing to visit at an off-peak time, you may be able to get extra perks as motivation for signing up for that week. It’s not unheard of to have your pet fees waived or even have your groceries paid for to entice you to book an off-peak time that may not get as much interest.

Consult an Agent

Various vacation rental sites will only provide you with the listings; they will not give you recommendations, inside information, and details about Isle of Palms vacation rentals as an agent would. An agent could keep an eye out for special deals and good owners whom they’ve worked with in the past. It might be a good idea to consult one, especially if you’re not from the area. 

Which Charleston Beach Town Is Right for You?

Although summer is winding down, we can count on many months of good weather left here in the Lowcountry. The favorable mild climate is one of the main reasons why Charleston, SC is such a great place to call home. Of course, it is just one of many. There’s the robust downtown, picturesque beaches, and laid-back southern personality where everybody says hi and time moves just a little bit slower. Even Bill Murray is proud to call Charleston, SC home.

If you’re looking for a little bit of quiet or just enjoy waking up every morning to a view of the ocean, you may want to consider checking out residential spots at some of the beaches and barrier islands outside of downtown Charleston. Each beach town and island has its own personality, history, and features that may draw you in. The best way to get a better idea of the community and houses for sale in South Carolina is to speak with a Carolina One real estate agent who can research potential homes based on your criteria, schedule viewings, and more.

However, here is a really quick guide on some of the spots you may read about in your research to find your dream home in the Lowcountry:

Sullivan’s Island: This quiet barrier island is located between Charleston Harbor and Breach Inlet. It enjoys a famed military history, which was made more famous by Edgar Allen Poe’s short story, “The Gold Bug,” a story he wrote when he was stationed at Fort Moultrie.  Former military homes actually serve as residential homes today, and there are more than 2,000 people who live there. If you’re looking for peace and quiet but still want to be a short drive away from downtown Charleston, Sullivan’s Island offers a number of great real estate options.

Folly Beach: Also known as “The Edge of America,” Folly Beach features a number of family-fun activities all-year round. Make no mistake about it – Folly Beach is a popular tourist destination, but it has its quiet spots as well, providing residents with the best of both worlds. If you’re an avid fisherman, surfer, or birdwatcher, Folly Beach is a great place to call home. If you are on the fence, check out the 1,045-foot Edwin S. Taylor Fishing Pier, which is the second-longest pier on the East Coast and offers a view you won’t find anywhere else.

Isle of Palms: Located just north of Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palms is seven-mile long barrier island that enjoys a rich military history as well – it was the departure point for the CSS Hunley. It is also known for its small-town feel, beautiful beaches, and proximity to other beach communities and the city of Charleston. Residents have several shopping centers and a grocery store for their convenience, and their children can attend school in nearby Sullivan’s Island, which is known for its academic excellence. As a whole, Isle of Palms offers innumerable opportunities for people looking for coastal living in the Lowcountry. 

Resolutions for Renters and Prospective Homebuyers

The New Year is a time for us to implement the New Year’s resolutions that we have been planning. Whether it’s quitting a bad habit or learning a new skill, the New Year is a time for us to wipe the slate clean and start anew. For many, preparing to buy a new home is their ultimate goal for 2017. To start the year on the right foot, we have put together a few tips or resolutions to help renters who are transitioning into homeownership get into their dream house.

Resolution 1: Raise Your Credit
Securing financing all starts with a good credit score. Your credit score is the key that unlocks the door to your dream home. A solid score affects your ability to lock down a reasonable interest rate for your mortgage and other financing.  It is one of the most important factors that banks consider when it comes to approving your financing and mortgage options. A good credit score that most banks accept is in the 700 range. If you know that your credit score is not within this range, then take this year to understand your credit history and raise your score.

Tip: Paying bills on time and eliminating credit card balances are great for helping you raise your score.

Resolution 2: Visualize Your Perfect Space
The biggest mistake many renters and prospective homeowners make is rushing to find a new place to live because they don’t like where they currently reside. They let the desire to move overtake the need for practicality. In order to find a perfect home or rental, you have to imagine what life would be like in that location. You can’t treat your requirements for a home the same way you treat the requirements for a rental space. The amount of time you spend and the nature of your life in both varies.

Tip: Visualize how you plan to utilize every aspect of the space and how feasible it is in the long run.

Resolution 3: Continue to Save
Finding the perfect Folly Beach rental, Sullivan Island home, or any other dream location you can imagine is not complete without making sure you have the proper financing in place. Credit fixing and space visualizing aside, you need to have access to cash, and savings your savings is your first step. What you save has great bearing on what your initial down payment on the home or rental space will be. Even if your initial down payment is calculated at $0, there is a possibility that you still need to show cash reserves and responsibility spending habits.

Tip: Resolve to save a little more each month to help build up your savings.

The New Year is an exciting time to get started on new tasks and achieve great things. As renters and prospective home buyers, consider these helpful resolutions to take make 2017 your best year yet.

Why a Vacation Is the Perfect Holiday Gift

The holidays are just around the corner, and husbands, wives, girlfriends, and boyfriends are trying to think of the perfect gift to get their sweetheart.  You’ve already given them jewelry, they seem to have every Blu-ray and DVD they could want, and it seems like as soon as you give them an electronic it’s already out of date.  Did you know that there’s a perfect gift you give your special someone that’s guaranteed to be something they’ll want?  Instead of giving them A materialistic item, think about getting them a getaway for the holidays.  A vacation, whether you take it during the holidays or a different time, can be the ideal gift for your partner.  It can to their favorite vacation destination, somewhere new, or even local.  It doesn’t matter where you go, because vacation gifts have these characteristics in common.

They’ll have a gift that will last

Novelty is something that almost every gift comes with, but it’ll eventually wear off.  Your boyfriend or girlfriend may love the video game that you got them, but they’re going to eventually beat it and move on to something else.  Jewelry can last for years, but rings and necklaces can eventually go out of style.  The memories from their vacation will last for a lifetime.  They won’t get bored with them, they won’t go out of style, and they can’t return it.

They can make it their own

If you’re worried about your loved one not liking their vacation, you don’t have to plan it all out before you start booking flights and rentals.  You can easily say that you’ve set money aside, and then you can both go about planning their perfect vacation.  If they want to lie on the beach all day and read a book, they can plan a getaway to somewhere peaceful and tropical.  If they always wanted to see the Carolinas, you can look for houses for rent in Charleston, SC.  Whatever they want, you can make it possible. 

It’s a gift you can share

There’s something to be said about sharing experiences with somebody that you love.  You can buy your wife a diamond bracelet, but you both can’t wear it.  You could take turns reading a book or playing a game, but one of you will always be ahead of the other.  A vacation is the ultimate gift you both can share.  You’ll be able to plan the ultimate vacation, and then spend it with the one you love.  What could possibly be a better gift than that?

Vacationing on the Charleston, SC Beaches this Year for Christmas Break

Have you made plans for Christmas break? If not, December is a great time of year to come down to the Lowcountry and the Charleston beaches. Although last year saw extremely mild temperatures on Christmas, this year will prove to be more seasonal in much of the United States, especially if you live on the East Coast. That means cold temperatures, snow, ice, and other not so favorable conditions.

We’re happy to report that Charleston is usually relatively mild around the time of Christmas, so you’ll more likely than not enjoy great weather as you celebrate the season with family and friends. If you’re looking for a milder Christmas vacation with ample opportunities for relaxation and fun, you can’t go wrong with Charleston, SC.

What Kind of a Vacation Would You Like?

Carolina One is proud to offer vacation rentals in Isle of Palms and Folly Beach. Isle of Palms features an oceanfront county park, pristine beaches, and a small-town feel. It also includes the world-famous Wild Dunes Beach and Racquet Club. If you’re looking for a quiet time spent with friends and family where you can enjoy the perks of community living, Isle of Palms may be the choice.

Folly Beach, on the other hand, is incredibly family-oriented, offering many different activities geared to a wide variety of interests. You can go surfing, fishing, swimming, and more. In addition to that, no Folly Beach vacation is complete without walking and birdwatching along the 1,045-foot Edwin S. Taylor Fishing Pier.

And remember, both locations are incredibly close to downtown Charleston where you can enjoy all of the amenities of a major metropolitan city.

Contact Us Today to Learn More about Available Rentals 

Are you thinking about looking at vacation rentals in Isle of Palms, SC or Folly Beach, SC? Contact us today toll-free at (800) 342-2105. Rentals are going fast. Take advantage of off-season prices and enjoy a Christmas like no other when you choose to stay at the beaches of Charleston. 

Folly Beach Rentals Offer Both Easy Access To Charleston, Relaxed Lifestyle In Seaside Town

Many people place a premium on being close to everything, but remaining far away from it all. That’s because there’s something to be said about easily experiencing the attractions and events of a major cultural hub, but being able to escape the hustle and bustle by way of a short drive home. This is the unique position that Charleston, South Carolina falls into. Recently voted by readers of Travel + Leisure magazine as the no. 1 place to visit in the U.S., Charleston has seen upwards of 5 million tourists annually. Such popularity has prompted city leaders to update its tourism-management plan to better address “the equilibrium between residential life and tourism activity,” according to The Post and Courier newspaper.

Naturally, many people will want to be a part of this great time of resurgence for Charleston – they just don’t want to live at the epicenter of it. It’s at this intersection where Folly Beach rentals play a pivotal role in keeping the growth that Charleston is currently experiencing in check. That’s because Folly Beach, often called “The Edge of America,” is located a little more than 10 short miles and a 20-minute car drive from Charleston proper. For those looking to enjoy warm breezes, sandy beaches and a slower way of living, this city of about 19 square miles has a population of a little more than 2,500. Whether you’re coming to Folly Beach for its easy access to the Atlantic Ocean for surfing and swimming, amazing vistas viewed from the Edwin S. Taylor Fishing Pier or to immerse yourself in its community of small businesses and restaurants, there’s always plenty to experience. Take a trip out to the Morris Island Lighthouse and get lost in the immersive — but never overwhelming — seaside experience offered by this town first founded in the late 1930s.

One of the smartest moves a potential homeowner or investor can do is enlist a local real estate company  to help in the hunt for property. These knowledgeable folks have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of others find the dream home in many locations across South Carolina – from historic areas of Charleston to the picture-perfect escapes of places like Folly Beach. Their combined years of experience also offers a thorough knowledge of not just where to live, but which home in a specific neighborhood may be the best fit for you.

Vacation Rental Properties Offer Plenty Of Perks Over Settling For Traditional Hotel Lodging

It won’t be long before summer 2017’s vacation season is in full swing. As travelers crisscross continents in search of somewhere new to call home — at least for a week or two — many will mull coastal destinations. The perks are obvious: easy access to the ocean as a way to beat the heat during summer months, nearby tourist destinations, fresh seafood and unrivaled views thanks to beachfront vistas. According to U.S. Travel Association, four out of five vacationers and travelers do so for leisure purposes. For those considering such a trip, vacation rentals in Isle of Palms SC offers all of the above and more thanks to a perfect combination of geography and amenities.

Isle of Palms is conveniently located within a 30-minute drive of Charleston, South Carolina, and offers a variety of nearby historical sites, landmarks, fishing and boating options, a golf course as well as family-friendly activities such as the South Carolina Aquarium. If you’ve already decided to visit South Carolina or the Isle of Palms community, then another key consideration is on the horizon: where will you stay? Travelers who plan ahead are going to benefit from vacation rentals over traditional hotels or motels for many reasons, ranging from size to cost to convenience.

Specifically, travel experts say opting for a vacation rental home will offer you most of the amenities of your own home. Think washers, dryers, dishwashers, television and Internet access as some of the more basic — yet absolutely required – perks of temporarily moving into someone else’s home for a few days. The catch here is that you’re likely going to have to book the property for more than few days but given the length of the average vacation, this should come as no problem to most travelers. As for location, a vacation rental property is more likely going to be located in a residential area that naturally provides better proximity to attractions and culture than a major hotel that’s going to be a car or bus ride away.

By trusting a vacation home real estate agency, you’ll be provided with fully-furnished properties that won’t leave you waiting for an elevation in a lobby or having to consult the front desk for your every want and need. With summer not more than a few weeks away and travelers from all over looking for the best bang for their buck, now is the time to start planning for your annual outing. For more information on vacation rentals in Isle of Palms SC, visit carolinaonerealestate.com.