Practicing Social Distancing While On Vacation

Enjoy your Vacation at the beach with these helpful tips!

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Staying connected while practicing responsible physical distancing strategies is important. Here are a few ways to relax, recharge and enjoy your next vacation while still practicing physical distancing.

Physical Distancing At the Beach

Wave a boater’s hello to friendly passers by while keeping a healthy 6 feet apart. When you head down to the beach for the day try to walk a little bit further down from the beach access, space your chairs or towels a few feet apart from each other. Practicing physical distancing at the beach takes a little extra time but it is always worth it!

Activities that practice Physical Distancing: 

  • Grab a book to read while at the beach
  • Collect Seashells
  • Build a sandcastle
  • Go Fishing
  • Water Sports like kayaking and paddle boarding

Have little ones?
Bring a kiddie pool to fill up with ocean water and let them play. This helps if the water is packed with people and it also helps during times that currents are too strong for the little ones to play safely. 

Practicing Social Distancing while on vacation.


In the “New Normal” this is now a sign of respect. By wearing a mask you aren’t protecting yourself from others germs but protecting others from your germs. If everyone wears a mask than we are all more protected.

Make it stylish and fun! You are living through a historical moment in our world history, have a DIY project day with the family and make your own vacation themed masks. Instead of matching family shirts this year do fun masks and share them on your social media. We would love to see what creative fun styles you come up with!

Gloves & Hand Washing

If you are wearing gloves, be sure to change them frequently. The best analogy that I think we can all relate the easiest to is pretending your gloves are sticky on the outside. Try to avoid cross contamination.   Little “regular motions” are easy to forget, like grabbing your sunglasses or using your cell phone while grocery shopping.

Its important to keep your hands extra clean & wash them frequently. When you’re out and about bring a small portable bottle of hand sanitizer with you to use after touching communal surfaces.

Nature Trails

Retreating to nature is a great way to stay active while practicing social distancing however, in beautiful places nature trails can sometimes be a bit crowded. It’s important to keep your distance of 6 ft. apart. Be mindful of community spaces with community benches, picnic tables and bathrooms. If you do use these facilities, wipe them off before you sit and when you’re finished with a disinfectant wipe.

Dog on the beach practicing social distancing.


We love our furry friends and we know everyone always wants to pet them however, right now may not be the best time to allow passers by to stop and give your pup snuggles. Their coats, their collars, their leashes and vest are all things that collect germs that can be transmitted to you or others.

Keyless Entry

At Carolina One Vacation Rentals we offer a contact-less check in process. Our properties offer keyless entry with a remote check in process. to help promote the importance of physical distancing and keep our staff and guests as safe as possible.

We want your vacation to the Charleston Beach area to be as worry free as possible! With mindfulness and a little extra thought, you can not only enjoy your well deserved vacation but also do your part to help prevent the spread of this vicious virus. Learn more about COVID-19 in the Charleston Coast Area: LEARN MORE

3 Free Things to Do in Charleston this Summer

3 Free Things to Do in Charleston this Summer

Are you and your family vacationing in Charleston this summer and are looking for some free things to do? We at Carolina One Vacations can give you the scoop on what you can do for free in the area. When you stay in one of our Isle of Palms vacation rentals you will be close to some of the fun. Let’s look below at what three things your family can do for free while on vacation.

Visit the Charleston Tea Plant

3 Free Things to Do in Charleston this Summer

Has your family ever been to a tea plant before? If not, then you are definitely in for a treat while on vacation to Charleston this summer. You can go to the only tea garden in North America and enjoy a free tour of the factory at Carolina Tea Plantation. Learning how the tea is made to having the opportunity to look at the whole process is something fun for every family. After you finish up the tour, you will be able to sample several different flavors of tea in their gift shop. What a great activity that your whole family will enjoy and learn a thing or two as well!

Waterfront Park

Another great location that your family can visit while you’re on vacation to Charleston is visiting Waterfront Park. Here you and the family will be able to see the pineapple fountain that may remind you of a particular cartoon character but more elegant. Swing on the pier while you are spotting dolphins in the water nearby. The views at this park are absolutely breathtaking and can be a great location to let the kids enjoy some fresh air. Be sure to bring a camera or your phone to capture the beauty of this park!

Visit the Angel Oak Tree

Charleston is known for having a lot of history, and the Angel Oak is one you can’t miss. You and your family will be able to take a drive to visit the 1500-year-old Angel Oak, which has been reported to be the oldest living structure on the east coast. This tree is located on Johns Island but is only a short drive away. Take pictures of the tree and marvel in all its beauty and structure!

While there are many other things that your family can do for free in Charleston, these are the three we wanted to share with you. If you haven’t booked your summer vacation to spend it with us at Carolina One Vacations, now is the time. We look forward to seeing you and your family this summer, making new memories!