Charleston Coast History

A fun look into the past of how the most popular vacation destinations on Charleston’s Coast came to be!

Folly Beach Pier

In times of chaos and uncertainty it’s sometimes reassuring to look into the past and see what we can learn from our history. It’s also important to escape the chaos by making time to do the things that bring you joy. Tend to your garden, read for pleasure,  hang up those pictures that have been sitting in the corner for ages, enjoy a meal with your family and remember that this too shall pass in time. So without further ado, here is your mental escape from the news and bombardment of this crisis. I hope that just for a moment you’re able to relax your mind and enjoy some of the rich history that our beautiful slice of Charleston has to offer. 

At Carolina One Vacation Rentals we are so fortunate to be able to call Folly Beach, Wild Dunes,  Isle of Palms, and Edisto Island home. The Charleston Coast is a mixture of history and beauty, with it’s lush landscapes and historic monuments like the Morris Island Lighthouse or the McLeod Plantation located near Folly Beach. 

Isle Of Palms & Wild Dunes

Isle of Palms sunset at the beach

If you’re staying in the Isle of Palms area make time to skip on over to Fort Moultrie roughly 5 miles away located on Sullivan Island. While you’re there you can’t miss seeing the Sullivan Island lighthouse frequently referred to as “Charleston Light”. This lighthouse is a must-see, with it’s distinct shape it stands out as one of the most modern lighthouses on the Carolina Coast. Construction on the Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse began in 1960 when a unanisome town voted to build it in fear that the Morris Island lighthouse would not last due to severe erosion but fortunately they rallied together to save this lighthouse and created a new one! 

Sullivan’s Island is located just south of Isle of Palms and north of Folly Beach. The rich history of Folly Beach is that of legends, myths and folklore. Records in Folly Beach date back all the way to 1696 before the Civil War when it was deeded as a royal grant and named “Coffin Island” 

Folly Beach

Folly Beach Aerial View

“Coffin Island ” which we now know as Folly Beach and some now refer to as “The End of The Earth” was known for its isolation and that it was frequented by pirates and northern soldiers. The northern soldiers later dubbed the area to be jungle-esque and named it “Folly” which means dense foliage. This area is bursting with stories of shipwrecks, pirates and bootleggers! Folly Beach may be most popularly known as the inspirational muse behind the classic link in Porgy and Bess written by George Gershwin in the 1930’s “ SummerTime and The Livin is Easy”. This classic line was later loosely covered by the popular beach band Sublime, making Folly Beach an Iconic summertime getaway for all laid back beachgoers.

Edisto Island

Edisto Island ocean view

If we head a little further south, we’ll find the beautiful beaches of Edisto Island. The history of Edisto possibly dates back to 2000 B.C. where historians believe people lived on the Island and off the rich land. The state park in Edisto Island is a must-visit when you plan your next trip! It is located off State Cabin Road and if you look closely while walking the trails, you can see the rich history of the Island amongst the shell midden. 

The wealth of this island can be dated back to the 1600s and is due to fertile fields for growing rice. This crop brought an abundance of wealth to the area and was one of the most successful exports in the 1700s. The past of Edisto Island isn’t perfect, the island has weathered many storms but it always survives and remains as a perfect getaway for hard-working members of society to escape the chaos and relax on the water. 

In the 1900s the area made the profitable decision to connect to the rest of South Carolina by establishing a drawbridge, this would help grow their wildly popular truck farming and seafood industry that we know and love today. In the mid- 1920’s Edisto Beach was fully established, it was a simple area built on fishing and a laid back lifestyle, for all that knew of it, it was a perfect paradise escape.

For centuries the Charleston Coastline has remained a got to destination for weary travelers looking for a little bit of peace and relaxation. The calming melody of the oceans waves and the subtle hint of salt in the air will be here for centuries to come. This moment in our history shall pass in time and we will remain a beacon to all those future travelers, who are looking to escape the chaos and enjoy a well-deserved beach vacation.