Vacation Rental Properties Offer Plenty Of Perks Over Settling For Traditional Hotel Lodging

It won’t be long before summer 2017’s vacation season is in full swing. As travelers crisscross continents in search of somewhere new to call home — at least for a week or two — many will mull coastal destinations. The perks are obvious: easy access to the ocean as a way to beat the heat during summer months, nearby tourist destinations, fresh seafood and unrivaled views thanks to beachfront vistas. According to U.S. Travel Association, four out of five vacationers and travelers do so for leisure purposes. For those considering such a trip, vacation rentals in Isle of Palms SC offers all of the above and more thanks to a perfect combination of geography and amenities.

Isle of Palms is conveniently located within a 30-minute drive of Charleston, South Carolina, and offers a variety of nearby historical sites, landmarks, fishing and boating options, a golf course as well as family-friendly activities such as the South Carolina Aquarium. If you’ve already decided to visit South Carolina or the Isle of Palms community, then another key consideration is on the horizon: where will you stay? Travelers who plan ahead are going to benefit from vacation rentals over traditional hotels or motels for many reasons, ranging from size to cost to convenience.

Specifically, travel experts say opting for a vacation rental home will offer you most of the amenities of your own home. Think washers, dryers, dishwashers, television and Internet access as some of the more basic — yet absolutely required – perks of temporarily moving into someone else’s home for a few days. The catch here is that you’re likely going to have to book the property for more than few days but given the length of the average vacation, this should come as no problem to most travelers. As for location, a vacation rental property is more likely going to be located in a residential area that naturally provides better proximity to attractions and culture than a major hotel that’s going to be a car or bus ride away.

By trusting a vacation home real estate agency, you’ll be provided with fully-furnished properties that won’t leave you waiting for an elevation in a lobby or having to consult the front desk for your every want and need. With summer not more than a few weeks away and travelers from all over looking for the best bang for their buck, now is the time to start planning for your annual outing. For more information on vacation rentals in Isle of Palms SC, visit

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