Seabrook Island Terms and Conditions

Please see below for details concerning our rental contract.

Thank you for choosing Carolina One Vacation Rentals for your family vacation! The Guest License document is required to be signed and returned within three (3) days of booking your reservation. You may fax or email return this signed license agreement to the fax number or email address.

This Agreement shall be interpreted and enforced according to the laws of the State of South Carolina.
The invalidity or unenforceability of anyone or more provisions of this Agreement shall in no way affect
any other provisions. This Agreement may not be transferred or assigned.

The property is privately owned with Carolina One Vacation Rentals acting solely as AGENT for the
OWNER. The GUEST acknowledges he is a licensee of the OWNER and not a tenant and is not acquiring
any interest in the property. Properties reflect the owner's personal style in furnishings and decor.

A rental deposit of 50% of the total price is due on the date that the reservation is made. The balance is
due to be paid in full sixty (60) days prior to GUEST check-in date. Reservations made less than sixty (60)
days prior to the arrival date must be paid in full at the time of booking. We accept MasterCard, VISA,
Discover Card and American Express as forms of credit card payment. Other forms of acceptable
payment include checks and money orders payable to the AGENT. A $50.00 returned check fee would be
assessed to the reservation if a GUEST'S check should be returned for any reason. Should the AGENT not
receive the final balance by this due date, the GUEST authorizes the AGENT to automatically charge the
balance due on the reservation to the GUEST’s credit card on file on the balance due date. Regardless of
payment method used, a valid credit card must be submitted to be kept on file for incidentals. GUEST
authorizes Carolina One Vacation Rentals to place payments in an interest-bearing account in an insured
South Carolina bank and understands that the interest earned shall be retained by Carolina One Vacation

Checks or money orders for the first 50% deposit MUST be received within 3 days of booking, if booking
outside of sixty (60) days prior to the guest's check-in date. If sending a check or money order for
payments within sixty (60) days of the guest's check-in date, it MUST be sent overnight to our office.
Check and money order payments cannot be received within thirty (30) days of GUEST’s reservation
arrival date.

For Seabrook and Kiawah Island reservation payments via check or money order, please mail to: Carolina
One Vacation Rentals, 635 Freshfields Drive, Suite 220, Johns Island, SC 29455

ALL GUEST CANCELLATIONS MUST BE IN WRITING via letter or email. To protect all parties, the AGENT
has a strictly enforced policy for cancellations.

Cancellation requests received more than sixty (60) days prior to the reservation arrival date are able to
cancel penalty free. GUEST cancellations submitted within sixty (60) days and outside of thirty (30) days
of the reservation arrival date are subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the total reservation cost.
GUEST cancellations submitted within thirty (30) days of the reservation arrival date would result in the
forfeiture of all payments made unless the property is re-rented and confirmed at the same rate for each
night of the canceled dates. Refunds of re-rented nights will not be determined until after the departure
date of the original reservation. In the event of re-rental, a cancellation fee of 10% of the full amount of
the initial rental will be assessed. Changing a confirmed reservation in any way within sixty (60) days of
arrival, such as changes to arrival dates, departure dates, or property address are considered a
cancellation, and the same terms apply. Refunds will not be given for inclement weather, pandemics,
travel bans, illnesses, injuries, deaths, road or airport closings, late arrivals, or early departures. Should a
mandatory evacuation or island closure be issued by the South Carolina state or local authorities for your
rental location, guests will be contacted and options for their stay will be assessed and presented on a
case-by-case basis. Reservations made through third party booking sites may be subject to a different
cancellation policy declared to GUEST prior to or upon booking online. Purchasing travel insurance for
your reservation is strongly recommended in order to have the best chance for a refund due to
unforeseen circumstances.

It is strongly recommended that you purchase travel insurance to protect against unforeseen
occurrences that may result in loss of rental. Travel insurance protects you from losses you may incur
because of unforeseen circumstances, such as illness, injuries, or Acts of God such as mandatory
hurricane evacuations, and the like. There are 2 options you may choose from for travel insurance that
we offer through Rental Guardian Play Travel Protection. Standard Travel Insurance must be purchased
before 60 days prior to GUEST's arrival date or by final payment, whichever comes first, for 7% of the trip
cost. Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance must be purchased within 15 days of initial booking for
10.8% of the trip cost. New reservations to arrive within 30-45 days, may purchase the insurance at the
time of booking only. Travel insurance is non-refundable after purchase. We recommend that you
purchase this travel insurance. Please refer specific policy and coverage questions to 888-885-5550,, or visit their website at

Rates are subject to change until a reservation has been paid for and confirmed. Errors in pricing and
descriptions rarely occur and GUEST will be notified in any event of error. If in the opinion of AGENT, the
error substantially changes the terms of this Agreement, GUEST may cancel the reservation within three
(3) business days after receiving such notification and GUEST will receive a full refund. We reserve the
right to make corrections, additions, deletions, and changes in the rates and descriptions at any time
without notice. Should the accommodation become unavailable due to reasons beyond control, AGENT
will provide alternative accommodation if available, and will notify GUEST of the alternate property
options available. Should the guest deem the alternate properties unacceptable, a full refund of the
deposits paid will be returned to GUEST. Taxes and fees may not be included in the quoted rates.

Tax rates are calculated and added to the reservation according to the state sales tax, state and local
accommodation taxes and fees, and local laws enforced at the time of this agreement. Such taxes and
fees are subject to change without notice. GUEST is responsible for any increase in tax which may occur
prior to arrival.

As a GUEST of Carolina One Vacation Rentals, your rental rate includes a damage waiver benefit. The
damage waiver is limited to a maximum of $1500.00 damage payment, per stay, and terminates upon

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departure/check out. The damage waiver does not cover intentional acts that may cause damage or any
deliberate violation of stated rental agreement policy. Any cost of the damage waiver benefit is
non-refundable. All damages MUST be reported promptly to the AGENT who will determine the extent
of repairs necessary. If damage is not reported prior to departure, the damage waiver is void.
GUEST agrees to indemnify the Owner and AGENT for any damages caused by their carelessness and
negligence including, but not limited to: damaged property, missing accessories, and missing or damaged
linens. AGENT has full authority from the Owner to collect for damages at AGENT's discretion. Credit
card damage deposits are not actually charged unless damages occur and/or excessive cleaning is
required. In the event of charged damages, invoices and credit card receipts will be emailed and/or
mailed. AGENT requires that a valid credit card be presented by GUEST by the time of check-in. This
credit card shall be recorded and used for any damages or missing items that are deemed the
responsibility of GUEST by AGENT.

GUEST will restrict occupancy to the stated limit for the reserved property at all times, regardless of
visiting or sleeping. Maximum occupancy of a home shall not be exceeded. Group sizes within the
maximum occupancy limit do not reduce or increase the rental rate. Occupancy is set with a maximum
of two (2) people per bedroom plus two (2), dependent on the bedding arrangements furnished by the
OWNER. Occupancy, use of the premises and common areas shall not disturb or offend other guests or
residents. AGENT has the right to terminate this Agreement and evict disruptive guests without a refund.
Moving furniture and wall hangings is not allowed. Please choose a property large enough to
accommodate all members of your group comfortably.

You MUST be 25 years or older to rent property from Carolina One Vacation Rentals. Persons under 25
years of age must be accompanied by an adult, parent, or guardian at all times on the property during
their stay. Any reservations obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of payments and
be denied check-in or subject to eviction.

AGENT is a family vacation rental company and does NOT allow any type of parties or groups including,
but not limited to, weddings, receptions, or meetings allowed in properties under any circumstances.
When found, all monies will be forfeited, and guests will be asked to vacate the property immediately.
Properties identified as “event homes” are exempt from this clause as long as the nature of the event
has been thoroughly discussed with management staff and applicable event fee has been paid. Failure to
disclose that an event will be held at an “event home” will result in eviction. All events must follow the
Town Ordinances for events on private property.

GUEST acknowledges and understands that CHECK-IN is no earlier than 4:00 PM and CHECK OUT is no later than 10:00 AM. If GUEST enters the property prior to the 4:00 PM check-in time, or GUEST's departure is later than 10:00 AM, penalties will be assessed. There will be no refund for early departures for any reason, weather-related, or otherwise. Upon departure, guests are asked to load and start the dishwasher and replace all furnishings to their original location. 

Parking pass and Amenity card instructions will be emailed to GUEST thirty (30) days prior to the reservation arrival date, or at the time of booking if within thirty (30) days of arrival. 

Check-In instructions will be emailed to GUEST seven (7) days prior to the reservation arrival date, or at the time of booking if within seven (7) days of arrival.

In the event that an arrival time prior to the designated 4:00 PM check-in time or after the 10:00 AM check out time is granted by AGENT, all rules, policies, and regulations per this Guest License Agreement apply. GUEST cannot hold AGENT or OWNER liable for any injuries, death, or incidents that occur while occupying the property outside of designated occupancy times.

Seabrook Island Property Owners Association (SIPOA) manages all community gate access for Property Owners and their rental guests. Parking passes are $45.00 per pass to be paid by GUEST to AGENT per emailed instructions sent thirty (30) days prior to GUEST arrival date. Parking pass registration MUST be completed prior to GUEST arrival date. GUEST’s single use QR code must be obtained prior to arrival to be presented to the SIPOA officer for scanning at the gate. The maximum number of vehicles permitted at the residence overnight shall be limited to 1 vehicle per bedroom. Some properties do not provide parking areas for all vehicles per bedroom. Certain Homeowner Associations limit the number of vehicle passes allowed, regardless of the number of bedrooms. GUEST may contact AGENT for specific property parking allotment. GUEST will obey all traffic rules and applicable parking restrictions. AGENT and/or OWNER are not liable for parking and/or traffic tickets issued to guests. Number of parking spaces available per property is indicated in the property details. Parking pass and Amenity card instructions will be emailed to GUEST thirty (30) days prior to the reservation arrival date, or at the time if booking if within thirty (30) days of arrival.

Golf carts:  Should GUEST choose to rent an LSV golf cart, a parking pass will need to be purchased and the golf cart must be parked in one of the allotted parking spaces for the property. 

Unless otherwise noted on the individual property listing, chargers for electric vehicles are not provided.
It is prohibited to charge electric vehicles from property interiors or run extension cords to the vehicle. If
found, a fine will be charged to GUEST’s credit card on file.

Wireless internet is provided as a convenience only and is not integral to the agreement. No refund of
rentals shall be given for outages, content, lack of content, speed, access problems, lack of knowledge of
use, or personal references with regard to Internet service.

GUEST agrees that AGENT and/or contractors or employees may enter the premises when AGENT deems
it necessary.

AGENT is not responsible for air conditioning or any other appliance that fails to operate properly or for
other maintenance issues including, but not limited to, pest control and housekeeping and no refunds
will be given. GUEST agrees to notify AGENT as soon as a maintenance problem occurs. Breakdowns and
other maintenance issues will be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. No refunds or
compensation will be given.

Seabrook and Kiawah Island have strict noise ordinance policies to preserve the quality of life on the
islands. Guests agree to be considerate of all neighbors. See City of Seabrook Island and City of Kiawah
Island ordinances for policy details and restrictions depending on the location of your rental property.
Any guest that receives a citation, warning or ticket for violation of the noise ordinance is subject to a
fine of a minimum $500 and up to $1,000. Guests in violation will face possible eviction, forfeiting all
money paid and be required to leave the property immediately.

Select properties have noise sensors placed around the property to monitor decibel levels. These sensors
do not record noise or sound, only decibel levels. If consistent noise in any area on the property reaches
above the allowable noise threshold, GUEST will receive a text message to reduce the noise immediately.
If the issue persists, GUEST will be notified a second time by AGENT either via text message or phone
call. Grounds for eviction are warranted by AGENT if noise remains above the allowed noise threshold
after 2 notifications. If noise sensors are tampered with, taken down, or damaged, GUEST will be liable
and charged for damages.

NO PETS are allowed in, or on the property, with the exception of properties specifically designated as
Pet Friendly, or if the guest has disabilities with the need of a Service Animal. AGENT must be notified if
the GUEST will be having pets at a pet friendly property and/or service animal at a property. If pets are
found at a Non-Pet Friendly property, not including Service Animals, all monies will be forfeited, and the
GUEST will be asked to vacate the property immediately. Pet Friendly properties will require a pet fee to
be paid, per pet, as an additional cost on top of the overall rental rate. Pet fees vary per property. Pet
fees can be raised or lowered at any time prior to the fee being paid by GUEST. Pet fees are not
applicable to Service Animals. Guests are liable for any damages or repairs to the property caused by
their pets. By agreeing to the pet policy, the pet owner agrees that the OWNER and AGENT will not be
held in any way liable for accident or injury to the pet, or accident or injury caused by the pet to another
animal or person. Pet owners are strongly recommended to carry personal pet liability insurance.
Undeclared pets found in a pet friendly property, or pets and/or evidence of pets found in a non-pet
friendly home will be subject to a fine of twice the pet fee for that property charged to the GUEST.

Smoking is NOT permitted inside any vacation rental properties at any time. If smoke is detected inside
the property, applicable cleaning fees will be charged at the guest's expense, to the guest credit card on

All properties will be stocked with bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths per person based on the
stated maximum occupancy of the home. All bed linens, pillows, bathmats, and two kitchen towels will
also be provided for the property. All linen and terry are the property of OWNER and must remain at the
property. The replacement cost of any missing terry or linen will be charged at GUEST's expense to the
credit card on file.

All homes are privately owned and reflect the individual owner’s personal taste. We make every effort to
rent only homes with high quality interiors and amenities; however, this standard is subjective. If you
have specific requirements, please inquire in advance. Amenities are subject to change without notice
due to, but not limited to, misuse of items by previous guests, availability of replacement items, general
malfunction and age of item, and unexpected circumstances. All homes are equipped with basic items
such as TV, bed linens, towels, and stocked kitchens with a variety cooking utensils, flatware, glassware,
silverware, cookware, toaster, blender, microwave, stove, oven, and coffee maker. Each home is provided
with a starter amenity kit for the kitchen(s) and all bathrooms.

Starter Kit includes: Each full bathroom with 1 roll of toilet paper, 1 small bar soap, 1 small shampoo, 1
small conditioner, and 1 small lotion bottle provided; each half bathroom with 1 roll of toilet paper and 1
small bar soap; kitchen with 1 roll of paper towels, 1 small dishwashing liquid, 1 sponge, dishwasher
detergent packets, and 3 trash bags. It is up to GUEST to replace these items as needed during your stay.
Moving furniture and wall hangings is not allowed. Furnishings and amenities damaged during guest’s
stay and not reported to the AGENT will be the responsibility of the GUEST and charged accordingly to
the guest's credit card on file. Amenities, such as kayaks and bicycles, provided by OWNER have an
increased risk of accident and injury; therefore, possibly requiring an additional, separate disclaimer that
must be signed and returned to the AGENT prior to GUEST check-in date.

Amenity cards are necessary to access the Seabrook Island Club and The Lake House facilities. GUEST
must go to the Amenity Card Office in order to obtain their amenity card(s) and place a valid credit card
on file. Credit cards, cash, and checks are not accepted anywhere on the island. Amenity cards are the
only accepted form of payment. Pre-ordering amenity card(s) before your stay is highly recommended.
The Lake House facilities are accessible to all guests with an amenity card. Seabrook Island Club and its
amenities are only accessible to guests paying an additional Amenity Card Access Fee of $50 per day or
$300 per week (Fee decreases from November-February to $40 per day or $240 per week). Parking pass
and Amenity card instructions will be emailed to GUEST thirty (30) days prior to the reservation arrival

In cases of accommodations with private pools, spas, and/or hot tubs, GUEST agrees to use them at their
own risk and to hold neither OWNER nor AGENT from liability. GUEST agrees that the presence of the
pool and/or hot tub at the property creates a risk of personal injury or property damage. This risk is
heightened as it relates to children. GUEST agrees to accept that risk and agrees to take all reasonable
and proper measures to ensure the safety of GUEST, its invitees, agents, or licensees from injury or loss.
Individual properties may require a fee to use or heat the pool, spa, and/or hot tub. Fees can be raised or
lowered at any time prior to the fee being paid by GUEST. Minimum of 24 hours prior to guest arrival
must be given to AGENT if GUEST would like to add pool, spa, or hot tub heat. Pool heat temperatures
will vary depending on weather conditions and may still feel cool to GUEST. Pool, spa, and/or hot tub
heat is non-refundable once heat is turned on. GUEST is NOT permitted to adjust equipment settings at
any time. If settings are found changed by GUEST, GUEST will be charged a fee to credit card the on file.
Pools, spas, and hot tubs are on regular cleaning and maintenance schedules. Any additional cleaning
charges incurred by request of, or as a result of, GUEST will be the responsibility of GUEST.

Grilling on Decks, Porches, and Underneath Homes is Strictly Prohibited. Grilling on Decks or Porches is
Strictly Prohibited in condos. If allowed, guests MUST use charcoal and gas grills on gravel, paved, or
grassy areas that are in open areas, not underneath homes. Grills provided by the owner AND listed as
an amenity for the property may be used by the guest at their own risk. Grills that are hard-wired to the
gas line of the home are permanently placed by the owner. Hard-wired grills must NOT be moved and
may be used by the guest with caution where they stand, if listed as an amenity for the home. OWNER
and AGENT are not liable for damages caused by GUEST grilling. GUEST will be charged to the credit card
on file for any damages caused by grilling.

For properties with elevators listed as an amenity, GUEST agrees to indemnify the Owner for any
damages caused by their carelessness and negligence including, but not limited to damages/repairs with
the elevator in the home. Any service calls and charges made by GUEST due to operator error,
overloading, or negligence will be the responsibility of GUEST including, but not limited to, after-hour
calls. If GUEST does not agree with these terms, it is recommended that the elevator be disabled during
their stay. Elevators and homes are not ADA Compliant unless specifically labeled as such on the
individual property listing. Non-ADA Compliant elevators are an amenity for guest convenience only.

Note: Any provided elevator keys must be returned to AGENT upon check-out. A charge of up to $100.00
for lost or unreturned keys will be charged to GUEST.

Trash and recycling service operates year-round. Guests staying in Single Family homes, please ROLL
TRASH AND RECYCLING CARTS to curbside any time between 5:00pm on Sundays and 7:00am on
Mondays. ROLL CART BACK TO HOUSE no later than 7:00pm on Mondays. If property is a condo and has
Back Door Service or a dumpster, please see alternate instructions in Online Guest Guide and in Check-in
Instructions email. Local municipalities have strict rules and regulations regarding trash roll out times
where fines are incurred to the property. Fines incurred from GUEST incorrectly rolling trash or recycling
carts to curbside at a property, will be the responsibility of GUEST and charged to the credit card on file.

AGENT and OWNER cannot be, and will not be, held responsible for homes that may be under
construction next to or near the rental property. This matter is beyond the control of AGENT and
refunds, compensation, or property substitutions cannot be given.

AGENT is not responsible for any personal belongings of GUEST that may become lost, stolen, damaged,
or left behind. A $50.00 retrieval fee will be charged. If found, the items will be returned to GUEST at
GUEST’S expense. If the items are left unclaimed for over thirty (30) days, the items will be donated to a
local charity by AGENT.

AGENT is not liable for misplaced, stolen, or lost mail, packages, and/or deliveries GUEST sends to their
rental property or one of the AGENT offices. GUEST needs to contact their corresponding rental office
prior to shipping or mailing any items for further information and instructions.

In accordance with South Carolina license law, disclosure is hereby given that AGENT escrow account is
an interest-bearing account, with the interest being to the benefit of AGENT.In accordance with South Carolina license law, disclosure is hereby given that AGENT escrow account is
an interest-bearing account, with the interest being to the benefit of AGENT.

GUEST agrees to comply with all city regulations in regard to the protection of sea turtles. Sea Turtles are
an endangered species. Do not interfere with them in any way. No lights are allowed that illuminate the
front beach between sundown and dawn from May 1st to October 31st. Hatchling turtles are
disorientated by artificial light. Fill in all holes dug in the sand before you leave the beach. If you see any
adult sea turtles or hatchings, please call the Town of Seabrook Island to report your sighting. Any fines
issued by the Town of Seabrook Island as a result of non-compliance by GUEST will be charged to
GUEST's credit card on file.

GUEST agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Owner and Managing Agent from any liability for
damages to person or property of GUEST, its invitees, agents, and licensees.

GUEST acknowledges that they have been provided a copy of the Local Municipality Beach Rules and
regulations and a PDF attachment of Town Ordinances, Rules, and map with their guest license
agreement. AGENT reserves the right to evict any guest that is in violation of any of the rules, ordinances
and regulations established by the local municipalities.
We look forward to hosting you and hope you enjoy your time on the beach!