Parking Pass

Seabrook Island Visitor Access & Parking Guidelines

Seabrook Island welcomes visitors and expects them to respect the community. Tenants specified in rental agreements can authorize visitor entry, but their guests cannot. All visitors must obtain their QR Code prior to arrival in order to get a paper pass at the main gate. This is then displayed it in your vehicle throughout your stay.


The Seabrook Island Property Owners Association (SIPOA) manages all community gate access for Property Owners and their rental guests. We want to ensure you have a smooth and convenient check-in. Please follow your arrival instructions emailed prior to arrival in order to register your vehicle(s) and obtain your single use (QR code), which when presented to a SIPOA officer for scanning, will generate your gate entry pass.

Parking passes are $45.00 per vehicle.  See individual property details for number of vehicles allowed at each home.

Traffic Regulations

  • Speed Limit: 25 mph unless posted otherwise.
  • Enforcement: SIPOA Security uses radar to monitor speeds and issue citations for violations.
  • Obedience: Vehicles must stop at all stop signs, and drivers must carry valid licenses and registrations.
  • Cyclist Rules: Cyclists must ride single file, follow traffic laws, and use lights after dark. No riding on boardwalks.
  • Vehicle Restrictions: Motorcycles and golf carts are banned; Low-Speed Vehicles with valid registration are allowed.

Parking Rules

  • Beach Parking: Allowed only in designated areas; no parking on roads or private villa spots.
  • Pool Area: Parking is for property owners and their guests with appropriate passes.
  • Storage: RVs, boats, and campers must be kept in designated storage areas.
  • Handicap Parking: Available at Boardwalk 1 for vehicles with a government-issued placard and SIPOA pass.
  • Parking Map: An interactive map shows all parking spaces available on the island.

For gate inquiries, contact 843-768-6641.