Folly Beach Rentals Are Key Component Of Extended Family Get-Together In South Carolina

When most people think of “summer vacation,” it’s typically an immediate family affair. That means no more than four or five people hopping in the family car and setting off toward their destination. There are those special occasions, however, when extended families plan a summer stay that has been in the worksfor quite a while.

These are the summer vacations that will yield memories to last a lifetime as generations from the same family tree finally get together. The planning process to pull this off is often quite involved and it requires everything from finding the right vacation rental property that can house most or all of the clan to everyone agreeing on arrival and departure dates.

In South Carolina, where the tourism sector has turned into a billion dollar economic engine for the Palmetto State, destination vacations are all the rage. This is especially true for those looking into Folly Beach rentals, as the “Edge of America” is one of the more scenic sites in the state. Still, the all-important Isle of Palms rentals where you’ll lay your head at night is a prerequisite before any other planning takes place. For those considering a journey to the shoreline of South Carolina, please keep reading to learn more about booking advice for vacation rentals.

Head Count: Let’s say grandmom, grandpop, their two children, their children’s spouses and two kids each are all getting together for the long-overdue summer vacation. That’s 10 people and they can all comfortably stay in Folly Beach rentals granted the search and booking process was started early enough to find such a desirable property. If you’ve got a few fewer than 10 coming to stay, “The Loggerhead” is one of the more desirable Folly Beach rentals that has seven bedrooms. It also boasts flat-screen TVs in every bedroom, six bathrooms and allows pets so you won’t have to find a dog or cat-sitter for your extended stay away from home.

Walking Distance: Isle of Palms rentals that boast 10 bedrooms and sleep up to 22 guests are in high demand among those planning group get-aways. However, local attractions near these rentals are often of equal consideration. On Isle of Palms, for example, guests can take in seven miles of local favorites that include fishing, kayaking, sailing, golf, surfing, photography opportunities and much more. In these barrier island communities, there’s always plenty to discover after just walking out the door of your rental and heading off toward destinations unknown.

Map Quest: No matter if you’re looking for Folly Beach rentals or Isle of Palm rentals, the exact location of the home is going to be of great consideration. Fortunately, local companies like Carolina One Real Estate have a property portfolio that offers oceanfront homes and others well within close proximity to the beach or others that offer views of the coastline. The best real estate companies in the area recognize that not every guest wants to be as close as possible to the surf and sand. That’s why there are plenty of places in Isle of Palms and Folly Beach that are near the action; not in the middle of it.

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