335 Palmetto Walk - Locke Nest III

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Please read your vacation rental agreement carefully before you begin your vacation.

Any monies received by Carolina One Edisto for occupancy of vacation property indicated the acceptance of the terms of our vacation rental agreement in full. All policies are strictly enforced. It is the responsibility of all guests and members of their party to be familiar with all policies pertaining to rental.

LICENSE OF PROPERTY: Carolina One Edisto is acting solely as Agent for the Owner and will be paid by the Owner. Guest is not a tenant, has not acquired and interest in the Property and is a Licensee of the Owner of the Property for the period Guest has paid.

CONFIRMATION, PAYMENTS AND RATES: One-half of the rental rate, all applicable taxes & fees, travel insurance & security deposit waiver (if accepted) is due at booking. REVIEW YOUR CONFIRMATION CAREFULLY FOR ACCURACY AND DATE-SENSITIVE REQUESTS AND OPTIONS. FINAL RENTAL PAYMENTS ARE DUE SIXTY (60) DAYS PRIOR TO CHECK-IN. UPON RECEIPT OF INITIAL PAYMENT, RENTER ACCEPTS THE TERMS OF THE AGREEMENT. Rates and Fees for services are subject to change. Guest is to be charged for all applicable state sales taxes, state and local accommodations taxes and booking charges. Guest hereby authorizes Carolina One Edisto (the "Company") to charge a valid credit card on file with the Company for any balance due if a balance is left on my account on the day of check-in, regardless of the way I have furnished the Company information regarding that credit card. Personal checks will only be accepted if received at least 60 days in advance of check-in date. Reservations made less than 60 days in advance, payment must be made be certified check, money order, credit card or traveler's checks. No personal checks accepted at check-in. Guest authorizes Carolina One Vacation Rentals to place payment in an interest-bearing account in an insured South Carolina bank and understands that the interest earned shall be retained by Carolina One Vacation Rentals.

CANCELLATIONS: ALL RESERVATIONS NOT PAID IN FULL SIXTY (60) DAYS IN ADVANCE OF THE CHECK-IN DATE WILL INVOKE THE CANCELLATION POLICY. Cancellations must be made by the person in whose name the reservation is made. Advanced Reservation Fee (if-applicable), reservation fee and travel insurance are non-refundable. However, if the property is re-rented for the entire period of the reservation, the rental payments less a $100.00 cancellation fee and trip insurance will be refunded if transferred to another property. Cancellations made within 30 days of arrival will not receive any refund unless unit is re-rented as described above. If a cancelled reservation has not re-rented within 30 days of the scheduled arrival, the Company reserves the right to discount the rental rate to secure a rental. If it rents at a discounted rate, the difference in the rates will be deducted from any refund paid. A $20.00 processing fee will be charged for changing dates within the same unit.

ADVANCED RESERVATIONS: Guests of the current rental year have the first choice of the same property for the same dates the following year. These “Advanced Reservations” require a non-refundable advance reservation fee until the deposit is due. All reservations are subject to Owner approval and scheduling. Rates will be confirmed prior to deposit requests. Advance reservations may be made any day during current stay until 24 hours after scheduled departure date.

TRANSFERS: Carolina One Edisto reserves the right to change the property reserved to a comparably priced unit. If time permits advance notice will be provided.

VACATION INTERRUPTION PROTECTION: Travel insurance is offered to protect your vacation investment against interruption or cancellation due to travel related circumstances. Coverage issues will be determined solely by the insurance company through which coverage is offered. Travel insurance is considered accepted when payment is received for the premium. Travel insurance is non-refundable. For more information visit https://insurestays.com/ptnw/

SECURITY DEPOSIT/ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE WAIVER: Guest agrees to submit an ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE WAIVER of $50 per week which will cover accidental damage up to $1000 or a SECURITY DEPOSIT, and agrees to replace or pay for any loss, breakage, damage, furniture rearrangement, unnecessary service calls or extraordinary cleaning, even if the costs and/or expenses exceed the amount of the security deposit or accidental damage coverage. Guest has been provided a copy of the Security Deposit Waiver Plan and understands what it does/does not cover according to the plan. Guest is fully responsible for all such damage caused by any occupants or the guests of any occupants. Not reporting all damage prior to departure voids the Security Deposit Waiver. THE COMPANY HAS, AND IS HEREBY GRANTED, FULL AUTHORITY TO DETERMINE WHAT IS ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE AND TO COLLECT FOR DAMAGES FROM THE CREDIT CARD ON FILE WITH THE COMPANY. THE COMPANY'S DETERMINATION OF CHARGES WILL BE CONCLUSIVE AND FINAL.

CHECK IN: Check in time is after 4PM. Every effort will be made to have the Property ready for occupancy by check-in. Keys will be released when the Property has been reported as ready for occupancy or after 4PM. Guest may not go on, park cars at, or enter premises until officially checked-in or keys are relinquished to Guest by Agent.

AFTER HOURS & OFFICE CLOSURE ARRIVALS: If arriving after business hours or during office closures you will find your keys and directions to the rental property in the drop box located to the right of the front door at the Carolina One Edisto office provided your reservation is paid in full. NO KEYS WILL BE GIVEN UNLESS ENTIRE BALANCE IS PAID IN FULL.

CHECK OUT: Check out is by 10AM with late check-outs incurring a fee if approved by Agent. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR EARLY DEPARTURES.

PETS: No pets are allowed in the houses or on the premises unless otherwise noted. Homes that allow pets require a non-refundable pet fee per pet and a refundable pet deposit. Pet Friendly homes are designated as such in the listing information. Pets must be declared at time of reservation and must be on a flea treatment program. Any guest found with a pet on the premises of a non-pet house will be asked to vacate immediately. NO REFUND will be given, and guest maybe charged for any additional damages cause by the pet.

HOUSEKEEPING: Standard departure cleaning services are included. You are still responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the unit during your stay and other basic duties. These include sweep any excess sand/hair that may have accumulated during your stay, empty refrigerator, place all trash in cans provided outside of the home, no debris left in house, under house, on porches, or in yard, make sure no furniture or furnishings have been moved, wash and put away dishes. Non-compliance with the standard departure cleaning policy may result in an additional cleaning fee.

LINENS: Edisto - Yes. Bed linens, bath towels, and kitchen towels are included. Upon your arrival to the rental property, you will find a sheet set (flat sheet, fitted sheet, 2 pillow cases) for each advertised bed, a bath towel set (bath towel, hand towel, wash cloth) for the advertised occupancy of the home along with a bath mat for each full bathroom and kitchen/dish towels. Don't forget your beach towels. If you should need, a washer and dryer are available at all properties for laundering during your stay. 

Edisto guests will also receive a complimentary tote bag filled with a few starter items (1 roll of paper towels, 1 roll of toilet paper, and dish soap) as well as a liner in each trash can. A complete list of what to bring can be found here . Please don't hesitate to reach out to the local Edisto office with any questions!

WHAT TO BRING: Properties are equipped with pillows, blankets, bedspreads, glasses, plates, utensils, and cookware. Guests are responsible for providing Paper Products (toilet paper, paper towels, etc.), Soaps (Shampoo, Conditioner, etc.), Trash Bags, Detergents & Cleaning Supplies for during the stay, Coffee/Coffee Filters, Salt/Pepper/Spices/Condiments, Personal Items, Beach Equipment/Cooler, Propane/Charcoal/Lighter Fluid for grilling. There are local businesses that sell these types of items if you happen to forget anything.

PHONES: All phone calls, except on Edisto Island and Emergency 911, are long distance. THE GUEST IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL LONG-DISTANCE CALLS MADE. The renter should either reverse charges or charge calls to a credit card. If the company bills the renter for any long-distance calls, there will be an additional $30.00 billing fee.

ELECTRONICS: Most properties are equipped with televisions and DVD players, cable/satellite. Cable, satellite, and internet reception may sporadically be out of service. Unfortunately, we can make no guarantee for the operation of electronics and services and will not provide rebates for the malfunction of such.

GRILLING: Guests are responsible for the use of grills as well as supplying charcoal and/or propane. Grilling is permitted in open areas only. Do not use grills on decks, porches, near wooded areas, or near the exterior of the property. Please be sure to clean the grill and/or empty ashes (in a safe place) before departure. We cannot guarantee the condition of grills at each property nor the replacement will be provided.

REPAIRS & SERVICE CALLS: Company cannot guarantee the Property to be free from pest and cleaning issues or defects and malfunctions. Neither Owner no Agent shall be liable to Guest in damages and no refunds will be given for such failures. Notify Carolina One Edisto of necessary repairs needed during your stay, and we will make every effort to address.

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY: Limits listed for each Property must be adhered to strictly. Children are counted in the total occupancy. Overloading will result in the immediate termination of occupancy without refund of any kind, and the Company is authorized to remove the occupants and their belongings from the unit without necessity of any judicial process. The renter agrees that may occupant refusing to vacate the unit/property for any reason when told to vacate the unit/property by the Company shall be deemed to be a trespasser after notice.

HOUSE PARTIES: Should a house party occupy this unit; occupancy will be terminated immediately with no refund. The determination as to whether there is a house party occupying a rental unit will be at the sole discretion of the Company. A house party may be, but is not limited to, any group made up of persons under the age of 25 who are not members of the same family or any group of people staying overnight at the property more than MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY as listed. Any questions as to the allowed number of occupants for a particular unit should be addressed to the Company prior to signing the rental agreement. We STRICTLY adhere to our policy of renting to adult and family groups only. Any wedding or function must be approved in writing at the time of the reservation by the homeowner and the management company.


DAMAGES: Guest will present a valid credit card at check-in or sooner if it will be a late arrival. Guest understands this credit card will be recorded. If there are any damages that are deemed by the Company, in its absolute discretion, to be intentional or due to Guest’s gross negligence or the gross negligence of anyone else on the property during the rental, or damages is caused by a pet, or damages of any type and from any cause occur which are in excess of Security Deposit/Security Deposit Waiver Coverage, and/or excessive cleaning is required, or there are items missing property that are deemed by the Company, in its absolute discretion, to be Guest’s responsibility, the Company is hereby authorized by Guest, to charge Guest on the credit card on file with the Company for any cost of repairing or replacing the damaged or missing property and any extra cleaning of the unit, all is determined to be reasonably necessary by the Company, in its sole discretion, in which event the Company will furnish Guest with an itemization of charges and invoices for payments made to third parties and credit card receipts within a reasonable time after the Company has changed the credit card on file with the Company.

SMOKING: Smoking is prohibited in all properties managed by Carolina One Edisto. If evidence is found after departure that smoking has taken place a cleaning charge will be incurred.

AREA GROWTH: Construction and remodeling are always under way on Edisto Island. Carolina One Edisto will not be responsible for any inconvenience that construction or renovations cause. Carolina One Edisto will not notify upcoming rental guests of construction activities near any property. Construction may also alter views from rental properties. No compensation or moves to other properties will be considered.

POOLS/HOT TUBS: Pool privileges are available to those Guests of properties where pools are located and approved for Guest use with some charging a fee. Most swimming pools are open Memorial Day to Labor Day. Please check the property listing or call our office for more information. Pool opening/closing schedules are subject to change without notice or refund. If renting a property will pool or hot tub access, Carolina One Edisto and Owner is released from all liability for any injuries or death resulting from Guests use to the pool or hot tub. We will not be held responsible for misuse. Children are not permitted in hot tubs.

LOST AND FOUND: Carolina One Edisto cannot be held responsible for any personal items left at the Property or acts of theft or vandalism or any other damages to the Guest’s personal property. There will be a shipping, handling, and service charges to return items left.

MOTORHOMES/CAMPERS: Motor homes and campers are not allowed at our rental properties. A State Park camping area is nearby. Please call 843-869-2156 for more information.

GOLF CARTS: Per SC State Law and Town of Edisto Beach Ordinance, golf carts that are not registered to an address within the Town of Edisto Beach are not permitted. Please contact Town Hall 843-869-2505 with any questions regarding golf cart usage.

WYNDHAM OCEAN RIDGE: No boats, trailers, RV's, golf carts or motorcycles are permitted in Wyndham Ocean Ridge Resort. A recreation pass must be purchased to access pools and other amenities on the resort. Please contract Wyndham for more details: 843-631-0686

BAY CREEK VILLAS: No boats, trailers, RV's, golf carts or motorcycles are permitted in Bay Creek Villas. Only 2 car passes are allowed per unit. Only owners may park in the garage area under the units

LOST KEYS/LOCKOUTS: Two key sets are provided at check-in for each property and must be returned to our office upon departure. In the event a Guest is locked out of the property a key may be picked up from the rental office. Our on-call staff will respond after-hours by meeting the Guest at the rental office. We reserve the right to charge for this service. There will be a charge for lost or unreturned keys.

AFTER HOURS EMERGENCIES: Should you have major equipment failure (e.g., no air conditioning or heat, major water leak) call 843-631-0393 and leave a detailed message. You will be contacted to arrange service as soon as possible.

LOCKED CLOSETS: Many of the properties have a locked Owner’s closet for storage of personal items. Tampering with such will result in a charge for repairs and missing items. Please respect these private areas.

RIGHT OF ENTRY: Carolina One Edisto, Owner or their representatives and agents may enter the Property during the rental period to inspect, repair, or show the Property for sale.

FAIR HOUSING: Carolina One Edisto does not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, gender, disability, marital or familial status. However, we do not permit student groups, house-parties, etc.

PRINTING ERRORS: Carolina One Edisto is not responsible for errors and omissions in any and all printed or electronic materials.

LIMITATIONS OF REMEDIES, DAMAGES, AND INDEMNITY: Guest fully understands that this property is privately owned, and that the management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. In the event Owner is unable to deliver the Property to Guest under this Agreement for any reason whatsoever, Guest hereby agrees Owner’s sole liability is the full refund of all consideration previously tendered by Guest pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, and Guest expressly acknowledges in no event shall Owner be held liable for any consequential or secondary damages, included but not limited to any expenses incurred as a result of moving, for any damage, destruction or loss. Guest agrees to release and indemnify the Owner and Carolina One Edisto from and against liability or injury to the Guest or any member of the Guest’s household or Guests of the Guest to the Property resulting from any cause whatsoever. Guest understands that in all negotiations regarding subject Property, Carolina One Edisto will be representing the Owner of the subject Property. This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of South Carolina. Upon initial payment, Guest agrees to all policies and regulations described herein. Non-enforcement of any one stipulation does not void other stipulations of this Agreement.

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